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Challenge: 21 Days of Yoga

21 Day Yoga Challenge

It takes 21 days to create a habit.

So, on Sunday I started a personal challenge – 21 days of yoga practice in a row… whether it be at a studio or at home. I also told myself that it’s okay if it’s only 20 or 30 minutes some days. Sometimes I just simply can’t get an hour in. The point is to have a solid daily “visit” with myself… we visit friends and family all the time, but how often do we really visit with ourselves?

Up for the challenge?

Today is day four and I feel incredible already.

I started practicing a bit around eight weeks postpartum, with some gentle vinyasa yoga at home, and have worked my way back into my normal vinyasa practice now at three and a half months postpartum. To feel my core waking back up after being pregnant is an amazing thing… to feel and see my arms getting strong again from lots of chaturangas… to feel super sore in my legs and glutes… is AMAZING!¬†Needless to say, having a tiny baby has been quite an adjustment and finding time to practice is not as easy as it used to be. But thank God for my amazing partner, who leads by example. He continues to roll his mat our and remind me of the best thing I can do for myself everyday… practice. Make time! Period. We committed to doing this 21 day yoga challenge together with the intention of creating a new habit… a daily practice.

Practice. Everyday.

I haven’t had this in quite some time, and I feel ready now. The more I get on my mat, the more clearly I see behaviors that don’t serve me. When I don’t practice, I cut myself off from an incredible opportunity to grow – one that I can create all on my own – in my own space.

Feeling uncomfortable can be a bitch, but that’s where growth is. Getting out of our comfort zone. Challenging the mind. Asking more of the body. The entire Universe is within us, and I am ready to explore. To stop fighting myself. To surrender. To welcome positive change and growth. To accept my new body, internally & externally. To replace fear with love. Everyday. With every warrior I feel myself getting stronger. With every down dog I feel more grounded. With every wheel I open my heart and purge the shit that doesn’t serve me… I feel lighter. And a bit closer to my Highest Self.

It takes just 21 days to create a habit…

So I am doing a 21 day yoga challenge, & I invite you to do it with me! Make practicing yoga a daily habit. Start today.

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Love & Light!




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