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Holy Shift

I’m still coming down off the energy from the full moon in Taurus last weekend.

As an Earth sign, Taurus invites us to flow with the force of gravity and get grounded in the energy of our Mother Earth… which is all too fitting with the holidays quickly approaching. Mixed in with the excitement of the season is always a little (or a lot of) stress, which can be partly soothed by anything pumpkin flavored.

As we move into a bit of a dark spell with the changing of the seasons, cooler temps and shorter days, we are called to go inward.

This is a time of reflection. The end of the year, in all its glory, is the perfect time to take a look back and assess where we are right now so we can create new intentions for the year ahead. The key to moving through this time of year with ease is A LOT of grounding. More than a pumpkin spice latte can handle.

Three ways to stay grounded through the holidays:

1. MOVE YOUR BODY. Everyday! No excuses. Even more important with the cooler temps. Get your heart rate up, keep your stress level to a minimum and keep your circulation & metabolism healthy to ensure you have enough energy to fa-la-la-la-la all day long. Take care of YOU so you can fully enjoy and be present with your loved ones.
2. REFLECT. Get out your journal and take the pen to paper! What were your three favorite things about 2017? What stands out to you most about this year? What are most proud of? What are you least proud of? SET INTENTIONS. A new year is upon us. What are three goals you have for 2018? These can be business, personal, or financial. Just write down three, and write down when you want to achieve them by.
3. BREATHE. Take 5-10 minutes daily to breathe and connect to your body wisdom. This simple act will help you stay connected to your intuition, increase mental clarity, and raise your awareness!

It can be overwhelming doing this deep reflective self work. Remember not to be so hard on yourself. Take a moment to think of how far you’ve come. Of all the obstacles you navigated to be standing where you are right now. You have come this far, and you are going to do big things going forward because you are fucking amazing! Remember that YOU are the creator of your life. No one else is in your shoes. Don’t like something? Change it. Is it time for something radically different? Take the leap. Be brave, fearless and courageous. Set an example for the people you care about.

The only constant is change. Everything is always shifting. Embrace it. Let whatever energy you have within you now be your ally. Be curious about it and learn from it. We spend so much time and energy resisting things that are uncomfortable. What if we did the opposite? Embrace it all because it’s all part of your journey.

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Sending you all the love and light this holiday season,