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Meditation 101

Just like your yoga practice, everything in life is a practice.

IMG_1373Showing up, working hard, loving yourself, forgiveness, compassion, it’s all a practice, except there’s no big show. You’re not rehearsing for anything. The show is right now. Life is the show. We are rehearsing and performing all at once. Isn’t it wild?

Life is just like meditation.

We show up, we practice, but there’s no big event. We do it for the sake of it. Because as our brains re-wire with new awareness from our practices (yoga or whatever else we are doing to help ourselves), we have to let our brains re-program. Think of Tetris… the blocks come down from the sky (your new awareness & information coming in daily), you fit them right in, and then the bottom drops out.

Our brains need time to do this. We have to make time. Meditation is your brain tossing out old concepts that aren’t working for you anymore and activating new ideas to help you expand your consciousness. Give yourself a break and start meditating today. You will feel less confused and more in tune with yourself.


    1. Set a timer for FIVE minutes, ten if you feel comfortable.
    2. Sit with a tall spine (sitting on a yoga block or meditation cushion is helpful), close your eyes, and just focus on your breath moving in and out of your body.
  1. Practice simply noticing anything that arises – thoughts or physical sensations – without getting attached. You are just compassionately observing without judgment.
  2. Journal for 5-10 minutes afterward.

You can meditate any time of day, but I suggest first thing in the morning before you do anything else. It’s a wonderful way to set the tone for your day before things get busy.

Meditation is simple, don’t over complicate it! There is no goal, you are just allowing your mind to reset. And hopefully grab a few moments of peace!



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