4 Ways to Love Yo’ Self on Valentine’s Day

Nothing like the perfect self love recipe on Valentine’s Day!

So, here it is. I promise if you do these four things you will woo yourself silly into having the sweetest day of all… Whether you have a sweetie or not, it’s always best to put yourself first!

*BONUS if you do all these things in a row… one after the other. It will only take you 30 minutes!


ONE SONG (or more if you want) – put on your favorite song and just DANCE! Dancing is the perfect way to get energy moving in your body and connect to your feelings. Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE, so practice loving your body by moving it in a way that feels good. Sway your hips, shake all around and release anything that is not serving you today.


Roll out your mat for TEN MINUTES. Connect to your life-giving breath. Don’t worry about what poses show up. Have the courage to let them arise. If it’s Child’s Pose for ten minutes, then so be it. Let your body move however it wants to. There are no rules here! LOVE your own creativity that arises! Let the yoga energize your body and calm your mind.


Set the timer for anywhere from 3-10 minutes (or longer if you’re a seasoned meditator). Sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on breath and body sensation. I’ve got some guided meditations here for you to choose from!

It is scientifically proven that mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation change the structure of our brain over time in a way that brings greater balance to our nervous system and overall health.


Again, set the timer for just five or ten minutes and write whatever comes to mind. They are just words on a page so don’t give them much meaning. Think of it more like an energetic dump to clean your slate for the day.

ABOVE ALL, ENJOY THIS RELEASE OF BODY, MIND & SPIRIT! Take care of you today and love every second of it (and don’t forget to buy yourself some chocolates)!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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