10 minute guided meditation

Guided Meditation – 10 Minutes

Guided meditation in just 10 minutes, you can do anywhere, anytime.

Guided meditation is a process by which you meditate in response to guidance provided by a trained practitioner or teacher (like me).

The benefits of meditation are many and I’m happy to announce the launch of an online series I am developing just for my followers!

No experience necessary. Meet yourself where you are! This meditation is for newbies and experienced meditators alike. The focus is grounding into your body and breath.

I highly recommend keeping a journal close by and taking just five minutes after finishing the meditation to write down anything that comes to you. Let your brain just dump it out.

Listen, comment and share if you enjoy it. Thank you!

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New to meditation? Read my post titled “Meditation 101” to learn the ‘why’ behind it and see where to get my favorite meditation cushion.

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