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  • Morning Meditation

    Morning Meditation – 6 Minutes

    Rise & shine! In this six minute morning meditation, you will acknowledge the wisdom within and start a conversation with your body. You’ll also have the opportunity to set your intention…

  • Meditation

    Body Awareness Meditation – 10 Minutes

    Body awareness is a powerful practice that requires your full attention. By connecting with your breath and body, you automatically bring yourself to the present moment. In this meditation you will…

  • Meditation

    Grounding Meditation – 5 Minutes

    What does it mean to feel grounded? It’s a feeling of being at home in your body. One that comes from your basic needs being met. In this simple guided meditation,…

  • Meditation

    Simplicity Meditation – 3 Minutes

    A return to simplicity. The tendency of our mind is to overcomplicate just about everything. Take three minutes to meditate with me and take it back to the basics… breath and…

  • Meditation

    Acceptance Meditation – 8 Minutes

    Acceptance is a powerful practice of embracing whatever situation life gives you. When we can learn to find something positive in even the most challenging situations, we set ourselves up for…

  • Meditation Mindfulness

    Mindfulness Meditation – 5 Minutes

    Mindfulness is the practice of doing anything with your full attention or awareness. In this guided meditation you will learn the science behind mindfulness practice while connecting deeply to your body…

  • beginner meditation

    Beginner Meditation – 3 Minutes

    New to meditation? Check out this three minute beginner meditation you can do anywhere, anytime. It’s important to start small when you’re new to meditation so that you don’t overwhelm yourself…

  • breathwork meditation

    Breathwork Meditation – 5 Minutes

    Breathwork is the practice of breathing in a certain way with a specific intention. In this breathwork meditation you will learn one of the most common forms of breath used in…

  • gratitude meditation

    Gratitude Meditation – 3 Minutes

    Practicing gratitude is a wonderful way to explore the mind-body connection. What is gratitude? Gratitude is being thankful for what you have. It means choosing to see the beauty all around…