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The Worst Night of My Life

Wow. I got a taste of what it’s like to lose a child last night.

I was at the mall and I just lost him. There were people everywhere. He was right beside me and then suddenly gone.

Felt like about ten minutes of looking and feeling hopeless. Then I woke up. I was literally having a nightmare.

Definitely haven’t figured out that “lucid dreaming” thing yet… where you’re aware that you’re dreaming and use that awareness to ask questions within the dream… or something like that.

Yeah, no. This shit was real as can be.

Why? Is this just a reflection of my deepest fear? Or my greatest love?

It was 4am, so I just got up.

Then this mantra for the day came to be in meditation.

I am safe. I am loved. My son is safe. My son is loved. I can carry on with my day.

It is amazing how important our basic human needs are. Feeling safe. Feeling loved.

Maybe this happened to remind me to keep things simple today. This week. This year. Only do what is necessary to sustain. I am being constantly reminded of this lately… messages from friends, family and spirit.

Thank you. I accept this as a challenge for 2018. A return to simplicity. Not taking on too much. Doing what I do best, and nothing more.

Less Doing, More Being.

More later.

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