Yoga Testimonials


Laura, Vermont

“I met Loren in 2013. We automatically connected and I became an avid student to her classes. She offers an array of teaching styles, all of which left me feeling refreshed & uplifted. Her unique voice is soothing and naturally heart opening. Her instruction is both gentle and strong… a perfect balance of effort and surrender that helped me build strength & open my heart. With sincerity and gratitude I can say that goodness quickly manifests in the presence of beautiful positive energy. Thank you, Loren Boyd. Namaste.”

Maury, Los Angeles, California

“Loren possesses an inner light that shines through to her students with every yoga class, be it a rigorous sculpt class or calming candlelight flow. Her genuine care for the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of others creates a welcoming and nurturing environment for all. I feel lucky to have been able to call Loren a mentor and ‘big sis’ over the years who not only facilitated growth in my personal practice, but gave me the confidence to pursue teaching. She continues to serve as an inspiration and role model as a teacher, yogi, and dear friend!”

Carlos, San Jose, Costa Rica

“As a musician, to finish a gig knowing that everything went well is priceless. But to realize that one has the stamina, mental sharpness, & quick thought process to facilitate a great night is beyond normal. This is what practicing yoga with Loren has brought to my life. When I began private lessons with her, I was mostly looking for physical results. I had no idea of the incredible mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of the practice. The heightened self awareness, confidence & vitality that yoga has brought to my life have been most beneficial for me – the physical results are simply a great side effect! Loren is not only knowledgeable & charismatic, but has been patient & compassionate in her approach to a rather impatient student as myself. Since practicing with her, I have noticed a profound positive shift in my reaction to everyday situations – a sense of calm in the face of decision making, patience (which I’ve never had to this level), & greater energy within my being in general. Loren has taught me to honor my body & live with intention everyday while maintaining strength & grace in my physical body. I am very grateful!”

Jackie, Jaco, Costa Rica

“Loren transformed my yoga practice with her bright spirit and dedication. I became so much more aware of my core as well as my energy as a whole while taking her classes in Costa Rica. My surfing improved so much also! It was an honor to be in her presence both inside & outside of the studio.”

Roberto, Bellevue, Washington

“Loren introduced me to my yoga practice. Thanks to her, I have been practicing since 2013. Her style has the perfect balance between a great workout & positive energy. I miss her classes!”

K.C., Bellevue, Washington

“Loren personifies the principles of yoga. Her positive, loving attitude makes people gravitate toward any studio she frequents. I first met Loren as I was beginning my hot vinyasa practice in Seattle. She helped me evolve not only my physical practice, but my spiritual development. Loren has mourned my losses and celebrated my joys with me. She has provided encouragement, mentorship and acted as a role model. Taking her classes has always left me centered and inspired. I miss Loren, and would jump at the opportunity to practice with her at any time. Namaste, with love.”

Dr. Maura Scanlan, ND, LAc, Issaquah, Washington

“As a physician who has been a student of yoga for many years, Loren’s classes are among my favorite. I have worked with Loren in group classes as well as a private session. Loren’s teaching style is graceful and inspirational. I highly recommend spending time practicing yoga with Loren.”

Karen, Bellevue, Washington

“Loren’s yoga teaching style is one of the most (if not THE most) authentic, fun, real, whole-mind-and-body workouts that I’ve ever had. I practiced in Loren’s class for about a year and looked forward to her classes each week. I became a regular follower! Her ability to help students tap into their mind-space, and then activate their physical body at the same time is one of her strengths. Above all, she helped me accept whatever my practice ended up being that day. I always left feeling so amazing. I miss her dearly!”

Melisa, Kirkland, Washington

“I have to say that Loren was the very first yogi who really inspired me during my yoga journey. I’ve met some amazing teachers, but there was something about the way she taught that made me want to keep coming back to her class. Her energy was contagious, her words were always motivating and inspiring, she has an awesome soul, she is beautiful both inside and out! To be completely honest, her style of teaching is what motivated me to want to pursue yoga teacher training in the near future. I feel honored and blessed to have met her, learned from her, and to now call her a friend. Thank you for everything Lo! Namaste and PURA VIDA!”

Laetitia, Bellevue, Washington

“I met Loren a few years ago and immediately knew there was something special about her. She was glowing and her smile was warm and inviting. After one class with her I marked my calendar with all the classes she taught at my studio, knowing that practicing with her would better me as a person and yogi. The energy that Loren brings to every class she teaches is electric and her loving and compassionate demeanor make her every yogi’s role model. There are certain people that will stay close to your heart no matter how far away they move and Loren has that special place in my heart. Thank you for opening my eyes to the expansion my yoga practice would take, I am so grateful I got the opportunity to be one of your students.”


Design Testimonials


Kim Robbins, Fort Worth, Texas

“One of the things I like about Loren’s work is her ability to take ‘a lot’ of my words and make them more concise for social media. I think that is a real talent. I also like her upbeat and positive personality which shows through in our regular email correspondence. A positive and responsive attitude goes a long way with me. I often feel like I am juggling a lot of things. The fact that Loren encourages me regularly to send her new images and information is also very helpful. Thank you Loren!”

Charlie Ramos, San Jose, Costa Rica

“One of the most important things as a musician is to be able to reach the most people you can and get heard. I am incredibly grateful to have found Loren to help me not only have a site, but to have an attractive design with all the information I want my future fans to know!”


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