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Smudging 101: How to Cleanse with Sage


Kill airborne bacteria, cleanse negative vibes.

A recent study proved smudging to have major health benefits. The 2007 study titled “Medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria” found smudging to have life saving implications by purifying air of harmful bacteria. Smudging consists of cleansing something with the smoke of sacred, medicinal herbs. Traditionally, this practice is said to rid a space or aura of negative energy. When burned, sage releases negative ions, which scientific research links to a more positive mood.

SageEnjoy the process.

To prepare, get a Sage stick in The MALA Shop.

Open all windows and doors in the space you want to smudge.

Light end of stick with flame and place herbs in an abalone shell or clay bowl.

Gently blow out flames, let material smolder.

Metaphorically wash your hands in the smoke. Take it over your eyes, face, chest, and head. Breathe it in and waft it over your body. During these moments allow anything to release that needs releasing. Breathe deeply and feel the whole experience with all your senses.

For smudging a space, start on the left side of the room and work your way around. Repeat a mantra or prayer as you slowly take the Sage to all corners of the room.

You can leave it to burn and let the smoke fill up the room, or you can put it out.

SageBe mindful with the ashes that remain. Native American tradition says they symbolize what is left over from the ceremony and it is best to take them outside and place them on the Earth… what you clean off should be put out.

When & What to Sage…

Some of the most common reasons for smudging a space would be moving into a new home or work space, general changes in the home environment, or an argument that took place in the home. Most importantly, trust your intuition. If something needs cleansing, you will know…

In addition to cleansing a space, you can also cleanse objects, like crystals, mala beads, used clothing or other used items. Smudging is also seen as an aromatherapy practice due to the soothing smell of the herbs used.

SageMake this ancient practice part of your lifestyle to find a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and the world around you.

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Good Vibes Only,


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