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Why 108?

Prayer beads have been used for thousands of years across all cultures around the world.  They are used in meditation and mindfulness practice. Mala tassel necklaces have 108 beads, plus one “guru” bead above the tassel, totaling 109 beads. In Buddhism, the 108 beads represent the number of worldly desires or negative emotions that must be overcome before attaining nirvana. The tassel represents enlightenment, connection to the Divine & our connection to each other.

How to Use Malas

Malas make beautiful jewelry but are also great tools for mindfulness. Feel the stones in your hands… repeat a mantra as you roll the beads through your fingers… or just allow them to bring you back to the present moment when you find yourself caught up in thought.

Design Inspiration

Inspiration for my shop came from my Mom, she is an incredible jewelry designer and has always encouraged me creatively. Each piece I create is one of a kind and made with love. My design process sometimes lasts for days before I even start tying a piece together. Intention is infused into each piece. I knot between each stone using organic materials and semi precious stones.

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