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Costa Rica: Coming Home to Myself

Costa Rica Coming Home

What is “home?” Is it the place you’ve grown up in and lived all your life? Or did you leave this “home” and start over somewhere new? What characterizes “home” – is it a place, or a place within yourself?

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas. We moved to Seattle when I was a baby, so it’s all I really remembered. Seattle was my “home” for 27 years.

At that 27 year mark, I had some serious awareness come over me. I was either going to keep on the path I was on – which was not good – or take a leap of faith and follow my heart…

I first visited Costa Rica in 2013 and immediately fell in love. I felt a calling to get back there as soon as possible. I had a taste of decompression and I needed more. I was in the go-go-go lifestyle, I felt the pressure all around me constantly to be someone I was not, and it was either get out of there or self destruct.

It was crazy, once I made the decision, how seamlessly everything started falling into place. I got a yoga trade opportunity with a reiki master who lived on the beach in Jaco. She offered me to live with her for a month in exchange for yoga lessons. This was my big opportunity.

Within six months, I had packed two suitcases, sold my car, and said goodbye to everything I had ever known.

Costa Rica Coming HomeI felt a million crazy emotions, but the most powerful one was courage. I was done with my life in Seattle. At least that life in Seattle. I realized this was a life or death situation, and I chose LIFE.

My five months in Costa Rica changed my life, to say the least. It’s hard to find the right words to explain such a transformative experience. What happened, exactly, though, was I CREATED space for myself to just DO NOTHING.

Some may say I ran away, and maybe I did in a way. But thank God I did. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I swear to God, that salt water ocean healed me. After just ten days or so of being in paradise, I began to get this insane glow – this radiating happiness that seemed to just pour out of me.

I started to learn about myself all over again.

In conversations with new friends, I realized I didn’t even really know what I liked anymore, and in a way it was exciting because I was this new person… my AUTHENTIC ME. I wasn’t bound to all the bullshit I was raised up on… the societal shit, the parental shit that I learned. I was just free to be ME. There is nothing more incredible than this.

Costa Rica Coming HomeI taught a bit of yoga over these five months, but mostly I just laid on the beach, surfed, and shared my soul with others on the same path as me. I met all walks of life from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Embraced a new language and a new culture. Ate too many mangos and drank a lot of red wine. I healed my soul of the conditioning of my past. Like a butterfly, I underwent a metamorphosis on all levels.

I read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” for the second time and actually understood it. This propelled my shift of consciousness. I took in the beauty that surrounded me every day… I journaled… meditated… and got clear on what I wanted for myself in this life.

Though I didn’t plan on coming back to the states at all, I did after just five months. The Universe had other plans for me. I accepted them and moved back to Fort Worth, Texas to create a new life for me… and the beautiful little boy growing inside me.

I now have the most incredible life imaginable with my son here in Texas. If you told me three years ago that I would be living in the same place I was born… I would never have believed you. Crazy how life comes full circle.

The truth is, I found “home” within myself.

Costa Rica Coming HomeFor me, “home” is not a physical place. It is a place with which I connect deep within myself EVERYDAY. No matter what physical location on this planet I choose to live, my real “home” is in my heart. The sweetest, most comfortable place I could ever imagine. Thank you, Universe.


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