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The Worst Night of My Life

Wow. I got a taste of what it’s like to lose a child last night.

I was at the mall and I just lost him. There were people everywhere. He was right beside me and then suddenly gone.

Felt like about ten minutes of looking and feeling hopeless. Then I woke up. I was literally having a nightmare.

Definitely haven’t figured out that “lucid dreaming” thing yet… where you’re aware that you’re dreaming and use that awareness to ask questions within the dream… or something like that.

Yeah, no. This shit was real as can be.

Why? Is this just a reflection of my deepest fear? Or my greatest love?

It was 4am, so I just got up.

Then this mantra for the day came to be in meditation.

I am safe. I am loved. My son is safe. My son is loved. I can carry on with my day.

It is amazing how important our basic human needs are. Feeling safe. Feeling loved.

Maybe this happened to remind me to keep things simple today. This week. This year. Only do what is necessary to sustain. I am being constantly reminded of this lately… messages from friends, family and spirit.

Thank you. I accept this as a challenge for 2018. A return to simplicity. Not taking on too much. Doing what I do best, and nothing more.

Less Doing, More Being.

More later.

Ready to set your intentions for the year? I have a created an event just for you… all you have to do is carve out a little chunk of time to be there. Click here to learn more and sign up.



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Meditation 101

Just like your yoga practice, everything in life is a practice.

IMG_1373Showing up, working hard, loving yourself, forgiveness, compassion, it’s all a practice, except there’s no big show. You’re not rehearsing for anything. The show is right now. Life is the show. We are rehearsing and performing all at once. Isn’t it wild?

Life is just like meditation.

We show up, we practice, but there’s no big event. We do it for the sake of it. Because as our brains re-wire with new awareness from our practices (yoga or whatever else we are doing to help ourselves), we have to let our brains re-program. Think of Tetris… the blocks come down from the sky (your new awareness & information coming in daily), you fit them right in, and then the bottom drops out.

Our brains need time to do this. We have to make time. Meditation is your brain tossing out old concepts that aren’t working for you anymore and activating new ideas to help you expand your consciousness. Give yourself a break and start meditating today. You will feel less confused and more in tune with yourself.


  1. Set a timer for FIVE minutes, ten if you feel comfortable.
  2. Sit with a tall spine (I love my SAMAYA meditation cushion), close your eyes, and just focus on your breath moving in and out of your body.
  3. Practice simply noticing anything that arises – thoughts or physical sensations – without getting attached. You are just compassionately observing without judgment.
  4. Journal for 5-10 minutes afterward.

You can meditate any time of day, but I suggest first thing in the morning before you do anything else. It’s a wonderful way to set the tone for your day before things get busy.

Meditation is simple, don’t over complicate it! There is no goal, you are just allowing your mind to reset. And hopefully grab a few moments of peace!





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Work It Out

Most of us are wired to think we aren’t good enough. It’s ok. What is not ok is sitting and whining about it.

The fact is… in the 20 minutes you just spent obsessing over your body YOU COULD HAVE ALREADY WORKED OUT by now! Get off your ass and MOVE! Get outside and run. Pick up some dumbbells. Use your own body weight. No more excuses! It doesn’t take long to blast those thoughts away once you get MOVING!

Lately, people have been asking me how I do it all…

Be a single mom, run three businesses and still have time to take care of myself. Here’s my secret: I put myself first. I schedule my life one week at a time (using my incredible Passion Planner) around my SELF CARE, YOGA & WORKOUTS. I put those things before everything, even my son, because I know that I have to in order for me to be the best mom and best person I can be.

Lately my weekly workout schedule has consisted of five yoga practices, three in-home workouts (done in my living room using a suspension trainer, 8lb dumbbells, and my own body weight – 30 minutes on average) and running twice/week outside for 20 minutes.

FREE YOGA, MEDITATION & WORKOUTS you can do at home:
The Yoga Project Podcast Collection
BodyFit by Amy

All you need to do all of the above (click on images to purchase):

bellI admit, I do love to look a certain way. And I’m not ashamed of it. I love being lean, toned and strong. It feels damn sexy. But that’s a side effect of putting in the work. Work that reveals to me how much stronger I am than I realize… time and time again. It grounds me. It’s a daily commitment to my HIGHEST SELF. To raising my vibration. If you aren’t taking it to the next level you’re treading water, or even worse, going backwards. Don’t get me wrong, there are times to slow down and rest, but in order for your fire and passion for life to be ignited, you’ve got to move your body. You’ve got to awaken your energy.

We live in a world that disconnects us from our power by making us feel like we aren’t good enough. It’s time to take action and take your power back. No one else is going to do it for you. So, get up and MOVE! You are worth it.

Come practice with me! View my teaching schedule at The Yoga Project Fort Worth.







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Audacious Life – The Podcast, Episode 017: Creating the Life You Deserve & Desire

I was so honored to recently be featured on Audacious Life – The Podcast, with Robin Wilkins Smith. I recently redesigned Robin’s website and when she asked if she could interview me, I was so excited! Robin is all about empowering women to create the lives we deserve and desire by creating disruption in our stale routines that get us stuck. Make sure to check out her website, subscribe to her blog and podcast, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook! Below are the show notes… enjoy!

“Today on the podcast we are joined by Loren Ashley Boyd. Loren is the founder of Loren Ashely Design, a design company that provides authentic web solutions tailored specifically to client needs. Loren has a degree in Journalism and Graphic Design from the University of Washington. She is a passionate yoga instructor, jewelry artist, web designer, blogger, traveler, mother, and lover of life. She has helped a number of people with logo and website design, creating design expressions through each client that reflect their unique personalities. Loren has a unique eye for design, incredible skill with the written word, and a passion for helping people follow their heart’s desire. As an avid yoga practitioner and yoga teacher, she desires to help others achieve the fullest expression of themselves in all areas of life. In this episode Loren shares with us her journey of reconnecting with yourself by understanding how you choose to connect with the energy in your life. All this and more inside today’s episode.”


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Loren’s journey and how she was always pulled toward the creative side
  • The time Loren spent as a cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks
  • Why Loren decided to pack her suitcases and head to Costa Rica for six months
  • How yoga helped Loren to open up her intuition more clearly to follow it
  • Understanding the seven main chakras, and the importance of our energy centers
  • Becoming more present in life and increasing awareness with mindfulness practice
  • Learning to hold a space for people to experience healing
  • The why that makes Loren get out of bed every single day
  • Taking responsibility for our own health and awareness, starting with ourselves
  • Loren’s daily routine and how she balances working from home and being a mom
  • The importance of taking time to shift your awareness away from the busyness of life
  • Learning to empower others through accountability and vulnerability
  • Using a website or a blog to create a community and make an impact in the world
  • And much more!



“I packed two suitcases and I left, and I moved to Costa Rica.” — Loren Ashley Boyd [0:07:44.0]

“Our awareness is like a muscle; we have to train it.” — Loren Ashley Boyd [0:16:00.0]


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Loren Ashley Design

Loren Ashley Yoga

Loren Ashley Yoga on Instagram

Loren Ashley Design on Instagram

Meet Loren in person: Workshops & Yoga Teaching Schedule

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown



Health + Wellness, Lifestyle, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga

How to Be Happy

I was recently asked to consider the question, “Who are you?”

I thought, “Damn, that’s a loaded question.” And a real good journal prompt, so I took the pen to paper…

My immediate reaction was to associate who I am with what I do, so I thought, “I’m a yoga teacher, web designer… blah blah, etc.” But that’s not who I am. That’s what I do.

So I sat with it for a few more moments and eventually words started appearing on the page before me…

I am simply a human on this journey called life trying to figure it all out and share my experience as I go. As a passionate yoga teacher, web designer, artist, and lover of humanity, I desire to help others find happiness through becoming fully present with life. To reconnect with the wisdom of our bodies, step into our power, and create a joyful life doing what we love.

When we are connected to our body we become present with life. Life happens through us – starting with our breath, our bodies are this incredible vehicle for the miracle of Life.

The question is, how curious, loving, and open can we be to this wisdom in our guts and our hearts? Is it possible that this can fully guide us into living the fullest expression of our lives possible?

The answer is a big, fat, juicy YES.

How? We have to train ourselves to be present with life. It doesn’t happen automatically – we are conditioned otherwise. We live mostly in our heads, in the past and in the future. We are constantly bombarded with messages telling us how to live, how to love, how to look, eat, speak, and be.

The truth is, happiness and joy are not in any of those things. They exist in the small moments happening right now.

I like to think of life as a collection of moments. Why is it that we remember certain things? Isn’t it interesting how specific moments stand out to us? We may even recall sounds, smells, tiny little details of these events. Why? Because we were fully present in those moments.

THE UNIVERSE WANTS US TO BE PRESENT WITH LIFE. It wants us to be happy and feel that joy deep in our core.

So, with our awareness bouncing all over the place 24/7, how are we supposed to be present?

The key is to be connected to your body. In yoga we speak of prana, which in Hindu philosophy represents our vital life force energy. This flows through us at all times and we connect to it using our breath – we refer to breathwork in yoga as pranayama – control of our vital life force energy.

We have to train our awareness by shifting the way we pay attention. This is a practice. You have to look at your awareness like a muscle. Just like you would strengthen any other muscle, you have to strengthen your awareness muscle. The stronger your ability to shift your awareness is, the easier it is to be present with life.

HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE that we choose everyday. It is a practice.


Everything starts in your mind. Start paying attention to the effect your thoughts are having on your physiology. For example, a stressful thought comes in… Your heart rate increases… you feel a tightness in your chest, maybe your palms get sweaty. Your stress level rises and your body starts to prepare for battle (fight or flight!). But wait, is this truly a life-threatening situation? Usually the answer is NO.

We live in a world where we are in a constant state of stress most of the time, always prepared for battle. Our sympathetic nervous systems are on OVERLOAD. We need some parasympathetic tone to bring balance. We have to wire in new reactivity patterns in order for anything to change.


Mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation have been proven scientifically to actually change the structure of the brain, specifically the middle prefrontal cortex – which houses our ability to relax, calm down, and actually assess whether something should require us to gear up for battle.

When you sit and meditate or practice yoga you simply place your attention on breath or body sensation. When your awareness is on those things you have no room to place any awareness on busy thought or be caught up in the story of your life (which is all in your mind and is the cause of stress). In these moments are you are fully connect to prana, your life force energy… you bring yourself to the present moment.

This is a practice. And it’s not always pretty. Uncomfortable feelings and emotions arise, and we have to be courageous enough to allow ourselves to feel them.

There is nothing more powerful than connecting to the wisdom of your body. Your heart and belly have just as many neural pathways as your brain! YOUR BODY is the most readily available tool to practice mindful awareness and, in turn, experience the joy of life happening right in front of you.

So, breathe and move your body today. Engage all of your senses with whatever you are doing. Be loving and compassionate with yourself when you catch yourself stuck in your head or in the story of your life. It’s ok.

Make the choice to be present with life. With all the little moments. The highs, the lows. Love it all. Embrace exactly where you are at in your process because it’s exactly where you are supposed to be.


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