Yoga & Wellness

Loren’s background is in music and dance. She is passionate about the art of body movement and the crucial benefits of daily exercise, nutrition & mindfulness practice. She started dancing at age five and went on to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks as a Sea Gal for two years in 2007 and 2008. Loren started practicing yoga in 2009 & has been teaching ever since her study & certification in 2010, under Ali Valdez (Sattva Yoga). In 2015, she went through additional training with Stacy Dockins (Free Life People) that brought her teaching to a new level. Loren’s sequencing is creative and playful with an emphasis on breath, body awareness & mindfulness. She currently lives and teaches in Fort Worth, Texas. See Workshop & Teaching Schedule here.


Writing & Design

Loren’s college degree is in Journalism & Graphic Design from the University of Washington. She has a passion for web, graphic & publication design that is equal to that of yoga, seeing the world of visual communication as one of the most exciting & creative outlets that connects human beings. She loves to write and create new websites and graphics for clients across the country. www.lorenashleydesign.com


Handmade Yoga Jewelry

In addition to yoga and digital art & design, Loren is a jewelry artist. Her mala beads are handcrafted with love and serve as tools for mindfulness, helping you invite more awareness and intention into your life. Learn more about The MALA Shop and browse jewelry for sale here.


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